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Reactive Polyfunctional Dyes

Excelling in offering Reactive Polyfunctional Dyes to our customers, we aim to be the best Manufacturer, Exporter & Supplier in the industry. Exhaust dyeing has limited suitability in continuous dyeing process. They are known for their low power consumption, suitability in all popular dyeing machines, bright chromatic colors, good all-round fastness values, long shelf life, high exhaustion and fixation on fabric and good levelness of dyeing on fabric.

Additional Information

  • Class : Mixed Bifunctional Class
  • These dyes are double anchor reactive dyes.
  • structure of mixed bifunctional class dyes
  • Dyesstuff Chromophere –Triazine ring-vinyl sulphone group.


Application Suitability : Exhaust  dyeing  can be used for continuous dyeing process with limited suitability.


Positive factor of  ‘Polyfunctional ' types Of Dyes :

  • Products range having much chromatic – bright – colors.
  • Less energy require for application.
  • Suitable for application on all popular dyeing machines.
  • All round good fastness values.
  • Batch-to-batch reproducibility is very good.
  • Very good self life of products.
  • High exhaustion and fixation on fabric.
  • Levelness of dyeing on fabric is very good.


Application Textile Industry
Color Black, Dark Green, Light Green, Orange, Yellow, etc.
Packaging Plastic Bottle
Form Liquid
Features No Added Artificial Color
Packaging size 1kg, 5kg